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Social Security Disability Claim

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Will my Social Security Disability claim be reviewed again after I am approved for benefits? Learn how often the Social Security Administration may review your Social Security disability claim after you are approved for disability benefits.


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When Your Claim May Be Reviewed for Continuing Disability

The Social Security Administration may review your  Social Security Disability claim after you have received benefits for a while. The purpose of the review is to determine whether you are still disabled and eligible for benefits.

At the time your claim is approved, the claims examiner will project the likelihood of your recovering from your disability. If you are expected to have medical improvement, then your claim will normally be reviewed within six to eighteen months after your benefits start. If improvement is considered possible, but not necessarily expected, then your claim will usually be reviewed after three years. Finally, if you are not expected to have significant improvement then your claim would not be routinely reviewed any sooner than seven years from when benefits started. Your disability could also be reviewed outside of a scheduled review if there was an indication that you had recovered from your disability.

Notification of Continuing Disability Review

The Social Security Administration will notify you if your claim comes up for review and will ask you to complete a continuing disability statement to provide information about your current condition. For more information about reviews of your approved Social Security Disability claim, see our articles “How Can I Prepare for a Continuing Disability Review of My Social Security Disability Claim?” and “Do I Have to Keep Going to the Doctor After I Am Approved for Disability in Order to Continue Getting Social Security Disability Payments?”

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  1. jess says:

    My mom’s SSD case was approved and they notified her of a large amount of back pay she would be receiving. She has been receiving govermental assistance monthly to support herself. Social services has advised her of the potential to loose her medicade coverage if she does not spend down the backpay. Does this sound accurate?

    • Kay Derochie says:

      Dear Jess,

      Your mother will probably need some professional advice from an insurance broker regarding what her choices are. I can provide some information that might give her a starting point for investigation.

      First, if your mother has a large retroactive Social Security Disability (SSD) payment coming, she may have already been eligible for SSD for twenty-four months. If so, she will be eligible for Medicare and will only need a Medicare supplement insurance to round out her coverage. An insurance broker can tell her about the Medicare supplements that are available in her state.

      If she has a long time to wait to reach the twenty-four months and wants to save her back pay thus losing her Medicaid, one option for her might be to enroll in health insurance under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). I believe that the loss of insurance is a “qualifying event” that will give her a short period of time–I think, thirty days–to enroll outside the general enrollment period.



      • Tiffany says:

        Hello since 01/23/2015 when i looked on the ssa website under payment it said one time payment this morning 27 i looked and it’s not there anymore do you kno wht this mean yesterday i called they told me tht the money was sent in a check by mail

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