A Ticket to Work and a Continuing Disability Review

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Learn how a Continuing Disability Review affects your participation in a Ticket to Work or other vocational rehab programs, and where you can get aid if federal benefits cease.


If you begin the Ticket to Work Program shortly after a medical review is initiated, presumably Social Security is then able to finish the review since it had already begun prior to beginning the program. Hypothetically if Social Security finds that you are no longer disabled or medically improved, but you had already started the Ticket to Work program prior to them reaching a decision, does that mean you can ask to finish the program and still receive benefits and Medicare in the interim? The hope being that you can still use the program to find work before benefits are withdrawn. I just want to make sure I understand this. Thank you.


Dear Anon,

Social Security is likely to complete the review. If the claim is closed due to medical recovery, Medicare will stop. Your Ticket to Work will also terminate; however, if you had already started a vocational rehabilitation program you might be able to continue it or maybe even start one. The Ticket to Work sets up vocational services through your state’s Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. So, if you were already connected to the state and either receiving vocational services or being set up to, the state might allow you to continue.

When Medicare stops, you will be eligible for sixty-day personal enrollment period under the Affordable Care Act, where you may be able to get benefits with a government-subsidy to help with premiums. More information is available at www.healthcare.gov.


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A Ticket to Work and a Continuing Disability Review
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