If I am getting workers comp, do I have to wait until it ends before applying for disability benefits from Social Security?

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Learn the benefits of applying for disability from Social Security early in the life of your workers compensation claim.

Apply Early for Social Security Disability
Applying for Social Security Disability while you are receiving workers’ compensation payments or while your workers’ comp claim or appeal is pending is just fine. In fact, it is especially advisable if the following conditions apply:

  • you are disabled not only from the occupation you were in when you were injured, but also from performing other occupations; or
  • you have been in one occupation all or most of your working years or at least the last fifteen years and can’t do that job any longer; and
  • you believe that your disability will last longer than twelve months.

By applying for disability early, it will be easier for you to remember details of when you were first injured, as well all the doctors you have seen, and other important information needed for your Social Security claim.

Don’t Lose Social Security Benefits
If you wait to apply for Social Security Disability until your workers compensation ends, you may be left without income while your Social Security claim is being processed. You might even lose Social Security Disability back pay because retroactive benefits are limited to twelve months before application.

Workers Compensation Offset and Social Security Payments
Be sure to tell Social Security that you have a workers’ compensation claim so Social Security can calculate your payments correctly. For information about how Social Security Disability benefits are calculated when you are applying for disability from both Social Security and workers compensation, please see our article Can I Get Workers Compensation and Also Get Social Security Disability?

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