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Craig Linn Ames has more than 45 years of legal experience. He held the position of Risk Manager for a Fortune 50 international company for 30 years. He was responsible for employee insurance benefit programs as well as all property & casualty related cases. He has wide ranging knowledge of federal & state benefit laws. He is the founder of the ALG Law Group, a law firm which represents disabled persons. He advocates for disabled persons who file VA Compensation & Pension benefit claims, Social Security Disability & Supplemental Security Income claims before the Social Security Administration. He served his country as a sergeant in the United States Marine Corps Reserve.

I am rated 40% by the VA for one disability and 10% for another; why isn’t my overall rating 50%?

Find out how the Veterans Administration determines your percentage of disability for VA compensation when you have more than one disability.

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Filing a VA Compensation Claim for Aggravation of a Medical Condition

Learn the difference between a service-connected aggravation and a natural progression of a non-service-connected medical condition.

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Get An Independent Medical Evaluation to Support Your VA Appeal

When the VA Compensation and Pension Exam underrates your disability, find out why you should seek an independent medical exam and have that doctor fill out the Disability Benefit Questionnaire.

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An Increase In Severity Of A Non-Military Service-Connected Disability

If your prior non-military service-connected disability was aggravated during service, learn how to document the increase in severity and where to get help in proving your claim.

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How You Can Qualify For VA Benefits

Learn more about how to apply for the many types of VA disability benefits available to veterans and their dependants for service-related illnesses and injury.

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