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Contributions to Retirement Accounts and Self-Employment While Receiving Social Security Disability

Learn how retirement account contributions and self-employment relate to your claim for Social Security Disability benefits.

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Supplemental Security Income—SSI—the Other Disability Benefit

Learn about SSI disability for disabled children and disabled adults with limited income and assets. Find out where to get help with an SSI claim or appeal.

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How Can Homeowners Getting Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability (SSDI) Increase Their Income?

Learn how disabled homeowners can increase cash flow without debt and still keep their SSDI and SSI disability benefits.

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How can I be overpaid Supplemental Security Income (SSI) when my work earnings and my spouse’s work earnings never change?

Learn when and how Social Security counts income in calculating Supplemental Security Income (SSI) monthly benefit payments.

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How Much You Will Receive and What to Expect after Approval of Your Social Security Disability Claim

Learn about benefits and work after approval of your Social Security Disability claim and where to get assistance if your disability benefits are cut off.

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Tips for Filing Your Social Security Disability Application

Learn when and how to file a Social Security Disability application and find out where to you can get help with your Social Security Disability claim.

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Excluded Burial Funds and When Money Becomes a Resource for SSI

Learn which assets are counted as Resources for SSI limits, what time of the month income its calculated, and options parents have to provide extra money to adult disabled children.

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Handling Back Pay Child Benefits Paid to A Now Adult Child

Learn how to handle a delayed Social Security Disability payment for a minor child of a disabled adult, when it arrives in the child’s name after they’ve reached adulthood. Must the money be shared with the parent?

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Coordination of STD and SSD Payments

Find out what happens when short-term disability (STD) payments overlap with Social Security Disability (SSD), and how long-term disability (LTD) factors in.

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Back Pay Due a Homeless Claimant

Learn how families can handle Social Security payments for homeless relatives, how a parent can apply to be designated Payee and when back pay can be accessed to find living arrangements.

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