Jackie Booth, Ph.D.

Jackie Booth, Ph.D.

Contributing Author

Dr. Jackie Booth has more than 25 years of education experience teaching teenagers and adults at middle school through graduate school levels. Her focus has been on developing creative curriculum combined with unique instructional strategies to achieve effective learning. With an emphasis on financial education and entrepreneurship, she has worked with universities, schools, government agencies, and private organizations to provide a wide variety of educational programs. In particular, she has targeted her efforts to include and accommodate students and adults with disabilities to help them realize independence and financial success.

Money Management Skills: Part One

By / February 18, 2018 / Managing Your Money / 1 Comment

Self-sufficient adults need money management skills. These articles are about the very basics of money management, and would apply to anyone including young people who are just beginning to be responsible for themselves, someone who is new to the United States currency and working within our banking system, or someone who has not had to manage on a fixed income before, such as those receiving social security disability benefits. You may have a firm grasp of these skills already. Becoming disabled later in life requires acceptance of many changes, including a change in mindset and in your financial plans going...Read more

Money Management Skills: Part Two

By / February 18, 2018 / Managing Your Money / No Comments

Once you have the basics of money and budgeting, you are ready to tackle a few more advanced skills to build your expertise.  Here we will focus on credit and debt, planning for emergencies, adding to your income, and continually improving your finance knowledge and skills. Ready? Skill # 3: Handling Credit and Debt Some information about the use of credit cards was covered in the section on understanding forms of money.  But here we are focused more on credit itself-- as the ability to purchase goods and services now with a promise to pay in the future. Obviously this...Read more

Diet, Disease and Disability: Stop Ignoring the Facts

By / February 18, 2018 / Opinion / 1 Comment

There's a health crisis lurking in the bushes of our playgrounds, homes, schools, and neighborhoods. It peeks out every once in awhile and gets our fleeting attention but then we become distracted and ignore it, hoping it will go away. But it is not disappearing on its own and in fact, continues to gain acceptance of Americans until we are now at the point where more than 25% of our children and adults are needlessly at risk for disease, disability and premature death. The danger is called poor nutrition leading to obesity. It is a crisis that has already cost...Read more

Nutrition for People with Disabilities

By / February 18, 2018 / Opinion / No Comments

Medicine, therapy, treatments, and surgery are all traditional methods to alleviate the physical and mental symptoms of illness, disease, and many disabilities. However, an area that has been overlooked by many as part of the strategy for improvement of health issues for people with disabilities is nutrition. The modern scientific research of nutrition has contributed critical information about the effects of different foods and diet on people’s health. Understanding and applying recent research on diet and nutrition, especially as it relates to health and disability, can be one of the best ways you can improve the quality of your life,...Read more

Financial Planning to Maximize Your Disability Benefits

By / February 18, 2018 / Managing Your Money / No Comments

It’s a day for celebration when finally you are approved to receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits—and an even better day once the first check arrives. But soon you realize there are many decisions to make and several skills to acquire to fully maximize your benefits. While you certainly learned a lot about disability benefits during the application process, there is different set of skills you need to manage your life now and plan for the future. No one expects you to know everything but now is the time to become informed about how best to manage the present and...Read more

What Will You Do If Your Benefits Are Cut?

By / February 18, 2018 / Managing Your Money / 1 Comment

Do you panic every time you hear about possible changes in government medical or social security benefits? Are you struggling now to pay your bills and worry about what is going to happen to you if costs go up (as they always do) and your benefits disappear or decrease? Have you spent months and even years trying to navigate the complex system to get the support, treatments, and medications you need and now fear you can no longer depend on any of it for your future? You're not alone.  In fact, there are at least 74 million others people in...Read more

People with Disabilities: Setting Goals for a Better Life

By / February 18, 2018 / Managing Your Money / 1 Comment

What comes to mind when you think about the next step in your life?  If you agree that you want to build a more stable future, than you have to include looking and preparing for opportunity. Despite challenges you face and obstacles that may undermine your current situation, there are plenty of things you can explore, research, and try to create opportunities for success.  It takes some time to evaluate yourself and your unique situation.  But the time you spend figuring out your abilities and options for making progress towards your goals is a great investment toward improving your situation...Read more

Returning To Work With Dyslexia

By / February 18, 2018 / Injuries & Illness / 4 Comments

Dear Disability Advisor, I am asking a question on behalf of my Son who has learning difficulties he has word blindness this has never stopped him holding down a job from age 16 till 29 unfortunately he has lost his job and finding it extremely difficult getting back into work He needs support as he can't read or write or use a computer to job search I have been helping him with the job search He has signed up with an agency and had a induction for a factory job with an imitate start he had to tick boxes to...Read more

Dating with Bipolar Disorder

By / February 18, 2018 / Injuries & Illness / No Comments

Dear Disability Advisor, My life has been a struggle for many years until this past year, at age 37, when I was finally diagnosed and treated for Bipolar Disorder. I am working with a therapist and doctor to manage my condition and lead as normal a life as possible. Recently, I moved to be closer to my older sister who has been very supportive. I am still with the same medical team for treatment but am too far from my previous home to stay in contact easily with my former friends. I’d like to meet new people and make some...Read more

Communicating with Deaf and Hard Of Hearing Seniors

By / February 18, 2018 / Injuries & Illness / No Comments

Dear Disability Advisor, I am a director of recreation at a senior center that offers classes, crafts, exercise, and social events for people in our community.  One of our local high schools has volunteered to supply student volunteers to work as assistants to our regular teachers in working with our senior population.  The biggest problems we seem to have is in helping our teens communicate so that the seniors, most of whom have hearing loss, can understand and hear them. Is there something I can add to our orientation training about communicating with deaf and hard of hearing seniors? Joyce...Read more

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