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SSI Disability Benefits for Autistic Children

Learn how to show financial need and level of disability to qualify autistic children under age 18 for Supplemental Security Income/SSI disability payments.

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Watch Out for VA Pension Benefit Scams

Learn how to spot common pension benefit scams and protect your pension from shady professionals who claim they are “helping” you.

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Special Needs Trusts Can Provide For Disabled Children

Learn how you can create a Special Needs Trust to assign assets for a disabled child’s care, and what expenses it can cover without reducing Medicaid eligibility.

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Homeless Veterans Housing Assistance Vouchers

Find out about federal housing dollars for disabled veterans facing homelessness, learn who is eligible for this HUD-VASH program, and how to apply.

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Housing Grants for Disabled Veterans

This overview of VA adapted housing grants explains how certain disabled veterans can receive funds to adapt and remodel their homes to live independently.

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Disabled American Veterans Are Entitled to Compensation

Find out if you qualify for veterans disability benefits for your physical or mental condition caused by military service, and learn four reasons why you should apply right away.

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Understanding Veterans Disability Benefits

This overview of the veterans’ disability benefits program explains the type of military service that qualifies, which medical conditions are eligible, and how benefits are calculated.

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Do VA Disability Benefits apply only if I’m permanently disabled?

Find out if you’re eligible for VA disability benefits. Learn how disability is measured, and the common service-connected disabilities approved for benefits for both male and female veterans.

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Increase in VA Disability Claims for PTSD

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a common result from combat. Learn how to make a VA disability claim for PTSD, and why you shouldn’t delay getting treatment.

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Veterans Disability Benefits – How do I apply?

This overview of the Veterans Disability Benefits process will show you the steps to filing a disability claim, what evidence is required, and how to find free assistance to avoid delays.

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