Lisa Nuss

Lisa Nuss


Lisa Nuss is a lawyer, research analyst, and writer with a background in judicial and legislative work. Her opinions have been published in major newspapers including the Philadelphia Inquirer and the San Francisco Chronicle as well as online in the Huffington Post and the (UK) Guardian. Her writing has been used as curriculum in university courses and at the Southern Poverty Law Center. While attending the University of Oregon as an undergrad, Lisa was named the Gerlinger Cup winner and went on to earn a J.D. and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy at the University of Washington.

Can Veterans disability lawyers help?

By / February 18, 2018 / Veterans Disability / 24 Comments

According to data from the VA, veterans disability lawyers can improve your chances of winning on appeal. According to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals data, veterans appealing in 2011 with no representation had 36% of their appeals denied. Veterans with attorneys had 18% of their appeals denied. Each situation is unique, and some cases can be better helped by attorneys than others. Here are some of the areas where attorneys experienced in helping veterans with disability claims can provide assistance. Knowing the law and complex regulations The VA has to work with complex laws and regulations when it reviews claims....Read more

How much does a VA disability attorney cost?

By / February 18, 2018 / Veterans Disability / 241 Comments

The use of a VA disability attorney is regulated by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. All attorneys who assist veterans with disability claims must be accredited by the VA, and the VA reviews all fee agreements. The VA has the authority to regulate conduct of attorneys who represent veterans, to provide the veteran some assurance that s/he will not be taken advantage of. You may have heard about the old law, which only allowed an attorney or agent to work for hire after the Board of Veterans’ Appeals issued a first final decision on a claim. The law has since...Read more

SSI Disability Benefits for Autistic Children

By / February 18, 2018 / Supplemental Security Income / 13 Comments

The purpose of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments is to help disabled people, or their families, who have limited financial resources. Children with certain disabilities can be eligible for Social Security disability benefits beginning from birth. In the case of parents with autistic children, this money can help provide needed therapies and care to maximize a child’s abilities and strengths. Applying for SSI is a two-step process of showing financial need and using medical evidence to demonstrate the level of disability. Financial Need The Social Security Administration provides Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments to disabled people with limited financial resources....Read more

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