Supplemental Security Income

Monthly Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability payments can be a lifeline for disabled adults and children who have limited income and assets and who don’t qualify for Social Security Disability (SSDI) or who have a low SSDI benefit. You can file for SSI at your closest Social Security office, by telephone, and in certain circumstances online. How to apply for SSI, how disability is determined, and how to appeal a denial including requesting a hearing are the same for SSDI and SSI as are many of the issues that come up after you have been approved. Even some of the commonly used forms are the same. The SSI articles below offer important, easy-to-understand information about eligibility factors that apply only to SSI.

How can a noncitizen go about qualifying for SSI Disability?

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Learn how the immigration status of non-U.S. citizens and an alien sponsor’s income and resources relate to qualifying for SSI Disability.... Read more

I am very ill. Can I apply for SSI benefits and have my SSI and disability expedited?

By / Supplemental Security Income / 21 Comments

Learn about the four situations in which your SSI and disability claim will receive expedited processing.... Read more

How long after my SSI approval will I have to wait to get my SSI back pay?

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Learn about factors that affect how fast you will get your SSI back pay after an SSI approval, and when and how you will receive your ongoing SSI payments.... Read more

How do I file an SSI disability appeal when my claim has been denied or my payment limited?

By / Supplemental Security Income / 9 Comments

Learn how to file an SSI Disability appeal or an appeal on an adverse SSI financial decision. Find out how to get payments while your appeal is processed.... Read more

My SSI check didn’t come and my SSI disability eligibility has been approved. How can I get money to pay for my housing?

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Learn what to do when your SSDI or SSI Disability Eligibility has been approved but payment is delayed or not received and learn when expedited payment applies.... Read more

When I complete my SSI application form, it asks me to declare my income. Does all my income affect my SSI?

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Find out why it is important to declare all of your income on your SSI application form and see which kinds of income don’t count for SSI. ... Read more

When I am applying for SSI Disability, which of my assets are counted against the SSI resource limit?

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Learn what “resources” means and find out which resources count and which do not when applying for SSI disability.... Read more

Why do I have to say who lives with me and who pays the household bills when I am applying for SSI Disability?

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Learn why, when you are applying for SSI Disability, you must tell Social Security who lives with you and who pays the household’s food & shelter costs.... Read more

Does A Roommate Affect SSI Benefits

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Find out whether taking on a roommate affects the SSI benefits a parent receives for a disabled child, and also how you can petition to have SSI payments applied to delinquent property taxes.... Read more

Why do I have to give information about my family’s income and assets when I apply for SSI benefits?

By / Supplemental Security Income / 96 Comments

Learn why Social Security asks about your family’s income when you apply for SSI benefits & see how family income and resources affect SSI eligibility.... Read more

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