Would it help my disability claim to get a statement from my employer about my problems at work?

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See how your last employer’s observations of your physical or mental health can help your Social Security Disability claim.

Employer Observations of Physical Symptoms for Your Disability Claim
Your employer shouldn’t be expected to make a statement that you are disabled, but your employer’s observations of problems on the job could fill in some information gaps in your disability claim, especially if you have scant medical records. If you were having noticeable problems at work, then asking your employer for a letter that describes signs of your apparently health-related problems could help your claim. Some things that employers notice are excessive absenteeism, reduced mobility, loss of dexterity, reduced stamina, and the inability to sit or stand for long periods. They may have also noticed that your production has gone down or that you have difficulty completing tasks.

Employer Observations of Mental Symptoms for your Disability Claim
If you are claiming disability based on a neurological or mental illness, then your supervisor’s letter might include observations of your emotional, behavioral, or cognitive problems, such as conflicts with other employees, poor impulse control, or memory lapses. Your employer might have noticed that you were having difficulty following directions or multi-tasking in a manner required by your job. Also, if you were getting unusual assistance with your workload, that would be a good thing for your employer to mention.

The Social Security Administration rarely contacts your employer for such information so it will be up to you to request a statement either in letter form or on Social Security’s for SSA-3033, which you can obtain from this site under Commonly Used Forms. If this is uncomfortable for you, you may wish to hire an attorney who handles Social Security Disability claims to assist you with gathering appropriate information for your disability claim. Visit our article How Does the Social Security Administration Apply Social Security Disability Laws to Determine If I Am Disabled? for information on how Social Security attorneys can help you communicate with, and gather information from, people who know about your disability.

Would it help my disability claim to get a statement from my employer about my problems at work?
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