Disability Resources

Disabled persons and their families often face a special set of challenges that may be completely new to them. In answer to a widespread need for connection with the right disability resources, Disability Advisor provides in its easy-to-understand articles a wide range of information on topics as varied as housing, finance, personal injury suits, durable medical equipment, long-term or in-home care options, health insurance, and rehabilitation services or help staying on the job with an illness or injury. Some articles discuss money management skills to maximize disability benefits; others show how disabled persons can use tax-free savings plans like the ABLE Program or a Special Needs Trust to help meet their disabled child’s expenses without reducing Medicaid eligibility.

The Hidden Free Federal Program: That Provides Free Job Placement Help

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The voluntary, federal Social Security Ticket to Work Program has helped thousands of job seekers on SSDI or SSI find suitable employment in Work at Home or Onsite jobs since 2002. Authorized SSA agencies can help job seekers by offering free job placement and benefit counseling services.... Read more

Money Management Skills: Part One

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The first of five important money management skills for people with disabilities helps you understand different forms of money and basic budgeting tips.... Read more

Government Takes Second Swing at the Disabled

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The disabled now find it more difficult to collect government benefits and buy health insurance since Congress passed new regulations devaluing the opinion of their primary care physician and defunding the Affordable Care Act.... Read more

Money Management Skills: Part Two

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These skills related to money management for people with disabilities are focused on credit and debt, emergency planning and savings, and increasing income.... Read more

Diet, Disease and Disability: Stop Ignoring the Facts

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A multi-generational approach to nutritional education would help decrease the risk and high cost of life-threatening diseases. Here’s how to implement it.... Read more

Nutrition for People with Disabilities

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How to approach nutritional research findings on various foods as they apply to your particular need and tips for how to decide which are right for you.... Read more

Opinion: The Ins and Outs of Handicapped Parking Tags.

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You qualify for a handicapped parking tag for your car, but is it worth using? Here’s life commentator, Wes Richards on the pros and cons of taking advantage of the tags.... Read more

Opinion: Bobby the Repo Man

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Medicare benefits and taxes as seen from the seat of a mobility scooter (and a bar stool). Wes Richards reminds us that Medicare benefits aren’t free.... Read more

Opinion: Don’t Answer the Phone

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Disabled folks hate telemarketing calls as much as anyone, and at greater inconvenience. Here’s life commentator, Wes Richards on creative ways to get them off the phone.... Read more

Financial Planning to Maximize Your Disability Benefits

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Answers to critical questions on financial planning for disabled adults prepare you for successful use of your disability benefits.... Read more

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