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The Hidden Free Federal Program: That Provides Free Job Placement Help

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The voluntary, federal Social Security Ticket to Work Program has helped thousands of job seekers on SSDI or SSI find suitable employment in Work at Home or Onsite jobs since 2002. Authorized SSA agencies can help job seekers by offering free job placement and benefit counseling services.... Read more

Money Management Skills: Part One

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The first of five important money management skills for people with disabilities helps you understand different forms of money and basic budgeting tips.... Read more

Money Management Skills: Part Two

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These skills related to money management for people with disabilities are focused on credit and debt, emergency planning and savings, and increasing income.... Read more

Financial Planning to Maximize Your Disability Benefits

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Answers to critical questions on financial planning for disabled adults prepare you for successful use of your disability benefits.... Read more

What Will You Do If Your Benefits Are Cut?

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Social Security and government medical programs are being reviewed and are subject to change. Here is how to prepare in case your benefits are cut or discontinued.... Read more

Special Needs Trusts Can Provide For Disabled Children

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Learn how you can create a Special Needs Trust to assign assets for a disabled child's care, and what expenses it can cover without reducing Medicaid eligibility.... Read more

ABLE Programs Provide Financial Independence to Disability Community

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Learn how an ABLE account for disabled persons provides a tax-free savings plan that covers qualified expenses such as education, housing, and transportation.... Read more

Working From Home Can Help Those on SSDI or SSI

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Learn how you can supplement your income under the SSA's Ticket To Work Program by successfully working from home.... Read more

Best Types of Jobs for People with Disabilities to Boost Income

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Practical suggestions about types of jobs for people with disabilities can help you in planning your re-entry into the job market. ... Read more

Scams Against Disabled People Affect More Than Finances

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We explain the most current methods scammers are using to sound legitimate, but steal your money and personal information to enrich themselves, and the steps you can take to avoid being taken in by their tricks.... Read more

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