Disabled American Veterans Are Entitled to Compensation

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Find out if you qualify for veterans disability benefits for your physical or mental condition caused by military service, and learn four reasons why you should apply right away.

Today, more than four million veterans receive compensation due to a service-connected disability. Disability compensation is intended to replace the lost earnings capacity that veterans have suffered because of their service to our country.

According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, disability compensation is “a monetary benefit paid to veterans who are disabled by an injury or illness that was incurred or aggravated during active military service.” Monthly benefits are paid out based on the severity of the injury or illness, and the number of a veteran’s dependents.

Claims and Benefits Paid Out Continue to Increase
More than a decade of war has left thousands of disabled American veterans, with a wide range of physical and mental conditions that affect their daily lives. In addition, many new claims are coming from vets from the Vietnam era, some with illnesses now recognized to come from exposure to Agent Orange.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the second largest federal agency next to the Department of Defense, paid out $63 billion in Fiscal Year 2015 in disability compensation for 4.5 million veterans..

Since 2000, the number of veterans receiving disability benefits has doubled from 2.3 million to 4.5 million in 2015.

Don’t be ashamed to claim what you’re entitled to
Veterans groups report that the economy is causing some vets to apply for disability benefits who might otherwise just try to put up with their conditions. Some vets might be embarrassed that they can’t find a job – but the down economy is an even better reason to see if you are eligible for disability compensation.

There are at least four good reasons to go ahead and get an official designation for your condition:

  1. Extra money – Even if your condition is found to render you only 10% disabled, you could still receive about $134 each month, tax-free.
  2. Your condition may worsen over time – You may be young now and think that bad knee isn’t that bad, but it can decelerate into arthritis by middle age. Start now to accumulate those monthly payments you’ll be glad to have later.
  3. Access to more benefits – Once you receive a disability designation, the VA pays for the medical care you need for that condition. In some cases, you may also have access to medical care for problems not related to the disability. Disabled American veterans may also be eligible for other programs such as vocational rehabilitation, VA guaranteed home loans and other benefits.
  4. Survivor benefits – One reason not to delay applying for official designation of your disability is that the survivors of disabled vets can be eligible for education benefits and pensions.

If you are suffering from a physical or mental condition that stems from your military service for your country, you are entitled to be compensated for it. Don’t delay finding out what you need to know to make your application.

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