Can I apply for Social Security Disability while I am still getting sick leave or long term disability from my employer?

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Learn about the timing and benefits of filing a Social Security claim while still receiving sick pay or long-term disability from your employer’s plans.

Apply Early For Social Security Disability

You can apply for Social Security disability while you are receiving sick pay or short-term disability benefits from your employer and while you are using vacation pay or annual leave to cover sick days. You can also apply if you are receiving or expect to receive long-term disability from your employer’s plan. If you think that your disability will last longer than twelve months or that it is expected to result in your death, you should apply for Social Security Disability as soon as possible without waiting for your other benefits to expire.

File as soon as you think you qualify for Social Security Disability, regardless of other benefits you receive. By applying for disability early, it will be easier for you to remember details of when you were first injured or became ill, as well as all the doctors you have seen, and other important information needed for your Social Security claim.

Don’t Get Caught without Income or Lose Back Pay

If you wait to apply for Social Security Disability until your annual leave, sick leave, or short-term or long-term disability benefits end, you may be left without income while your Social Security claim is being processed. Additionally, there is a twelve-month limit on the number of months of Social Security Disability back pay you can receive for months before application. For more information about back pay, see our article If I Am Approved, How Much Social Security Disability Back Pay Will I Get?

Report Other Benefits to Social Security

When you file your claim, be sure to tell Social Security that you are receiving or have received benefits or pay from your employer to cover your time off. That way, Social Security will know that you were not working during periods when your earnings record may make salary continuation or taxable short-term or long-term disability benefits look as if you were working when you weren’t.

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