Social Security Disability/SSI Post-Entitlement Benefits Moderator is looking for individuals to respond to our readers’ inquiries regarding Social Security Disability and Supplement Security Income benefits post entitlement. If you have knowledge and experience gained by working with the Social Security Administration’s disability benefits programs, and you have a desire to share your knowledge to help people in interpreting the various rules, claims, appeals and payment processes, please fill out this form to be considered.

The questions posted below are similar to the ones we get on a daily basis (including spelling and grammatical errors). To verify your qualifications to respond factually and succinctly, please provide the answers to these test questions as you would give them to our visitors. Your responses will be used only to assess volunteers and will not be posted on our website.

Please confirm your availability for a weekly two-hour shift:
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Below are examples of typical questions you will be answering. Please provide your response to each one.
Note: In addition to answering the direct question, include in your answer an explanation of anything else the person needs to know about his or her situation but apparently didn’t know to ask. If there is an action you would recommend, include that as well.

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