Nursing Home and Assisted Living Abuse and Neglect

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Nursing home abuse and neglect can happen in the best of senior care facilities. Here’s what you should know to protect yourself or a loved one.

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are supposed to provide services that ensure safety, security, and competent medical care for you or your loved one. Too many times, this is not happening. The facilities, nurses and their assistants may be understaffed, overworked, and undertrained. Due to this, elderly neglect in nursing homes is not uncommon. Sometimes things go wrong with the care you expected to receive. There may be an elderly injury, a complication, neglect, or even out and out physical abuse. You may find yourself paying top dollar for these insufficient or criminal services.

There are many times when the decision to place a loved one into a nursing home or an assisted living facility is a difficult one, for many reasons. And then, after all the agonizing of trying to make the best choice for everyone involved, something can fail.


Many long-term care facilities carry out their duties admirably, however not all of them do so. In fact, some perform shoddily. Also, some of these organizations, that may have been providing a top-end level of service when you first began using them, later have allowed their standards to fall below average because of a corporate buyout or from new management or policies that were instituted to save money.

Performing due diligence when a particular home was initially selected may no longer be enough. Continual monitoring of the staff and the care being provided for your loved one or a friend is called for.

Statistics of nursing home abuse show that abuse and neglect can and does happen. In fact, it has become widespread. To begin to grasp the scope of the problem, consider that in a 2010 study, a majority of the staff of a nursing home admitted to being involved in mental abuse, physical violence, or neglect of their patients in the prior year. Because of this, your heightened awareness is demanded to ensure a reasonable level of skilled care and safe conditions are being provided. Once you carefully select a facility, you have to make certain they are doing their job up to the high standards you expect, even though this is what you are paying them for.

If you or a beloved relative have become a victim of this less than expected standard of care and especially if there has been an injury, abuse, or neglect, you must take action as soon as possible to stop the situation from becoming worse. Often the best way of correcting this problem for yourself and others is to file a civil suit concerning nursing home abuse or neglect. This is a court action that could compensate you for your emotional distress and suffering, but it must be started within specified time limits according to the law. You may need to find a highly skilled nursing home neglect attorney specialist in the field of nursing home abuse or neglect and elder abuse law to discover what can be done to stop the abuse and improve service going forward.



Nursing Home and Assisted Living Abuse and Neglect
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