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After my qualifying for Social Security Disability, will the Social Security Administration help me get food stamps, housing assistance, and health insurance for my family?

By   /  March 3, 2016  /  6 Comments

Learn when you become eligible for Medicare and find out how to apply for other assistance after qualifying for Social Security Disability.

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Watch the Video: “After my qualifying for Social Security Disability, will the Social Security Administration help me get food stamps, housing assistance, and health insurance for my family?”

Medicare Health Insurance
for You Only

Qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits does not automatically entitle you to food stamps, housing assistance, health insurance for your family, or other assistance programs. If you get Social Security Disability benefits for more than twenty-four months (including past months), you will be eligible for Medicare health insurance, but your family will not.

Assistance for the Whole Family

With the onset of your disability, your family’s income is likely to have gone down, so it’s possible that you and your family might be eligible for food stamps or other help from governmental agencies or private non-profit organizations.

To see what is available, you might start by checking with your state or county health and human services department. Also, many states and counties have free referral services to connect you with organizations that can help you. The referral services are often accessed by dialing 211 on your telephone. The blue pages in phone books also list assistance agencies and organizations, usually organized by the type of assistance you seek. You also might search online for help available in your geographic area. For example, for help with your heating bill, you might search “energy assistance” and the name of the city or county in which you live. Additionally, your local Social Security office may have a list of helping agencies.

For information about qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits, please see our articles “What Is Disability According to Social Security Law?” and “How Do I File an Application for Social Security Disability Benefits?” For additional information about Medicare, please see “If I Am Approved for Social Security Disability, Will I get Medicare and Medicaid Health Insurance?”

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  1. Steve says:

    I have received a fully favorable decision dated Aug 2 for ssdi. My award letter has not arrived yet but my question is about my son. He is 8 and his mother and I are married so I should receive additional benefits for him according to ssa website. my question is should i call my local office to make sure he is on the claim or should i call the 800 number? Also should i wait for the award letter or can i do this now? didnt know where to post this sorry

    • Kay Derochie says:

      Dear Steve,

      I suggest that you or your wife either go to your local Social Security office to complete filing a claim for your son or call the 800 number to make an appointment to do so. You can do this as soon as you have the medical approval; you do not have to wait until your benefits start.


  2. Esvie says:

    Will being on section 8 for 6 months affect my income for the benefits I am going to receive, as I was given my approval letter two days ago.

  3. Esvie says:

    Hello, my question is:
    Once approved for Ssi without ssdi, if you have no income at all will that make you ineligible for the benefits? Also, will being on Section 8 affect the amount of benefits I receive?

    • Kay Derochie says:

      Dear Esvie,

      Having a housing subsidy or receiving food stamps will not reduce your SSI. Having no income will not lower your benefits in and of itself. However, if someone is giving you money to buy household supplies or is paying your Section 8 rent or utilities, then that help will be treated as income and will lower your benefit.


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