Respond Promptly to the DDS

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Find out why you need to respond promptly to any requests from Disability Determination Services, which can ensure they record the earliest possible disability onset date.

Dear Disability Advisor,

My SSI and SSD case has been at the disability determination office for 8 months. Lots of medical records late etc. But I got a call out of blue today from local office saying please call us back promptly. The lady said your caseworker at disability determination wants me to verify your employment dates from 2 years ago. I asked her was I approved she said all I can say is why would they want your work history clarified if it were just a denial. So now when I call the DDS, they say the appeal was sent back to local office but no letter. SSA site says can’t provide information at this time. I have called caseworkers, 800 number, etc. anyone else got that weird phone call?



Dear Carl,

It is important to provide the dates that you worked because DDS is close to making a decision on your claim. To figure out the correct earliest disability onset date, they have to know how long you worked. If your work earnings were below the substantial gainful activity (SGA) level in those years ($1,070 in 2014 and $1,090 in 2015), also include the most you earned in any of the months.

Once you have provided the information, your appeal will be transferred back to DDS to complete the medical review and give you a decision. An approval is being considered, but your disability onset date and whether you became disabled while still insured cannot be determined and an approval or a denial cannot be finalized until DDS receives the dates.

The Disability Advisor


Respond Promptly to the DDS
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    Dear Kay,

    I applied for SSDI and SSI in June 2016 for Social Anxiety and Back problems. Throughout my case I have been using my online social security account to check on my status. Last Wednesday I checked my account and it told me I was approved for SSI and a decision for SSDI has been made and I should receive a letter detailing the decision. That Friday I received the letter..And it said….Based on a review of your health problems you do not qualify for benefits on either claim. This is because you are not disabled or blind under our rules. They also told me in the letter….In order to be entitled for benefits your condition must be found to be severe prior to 12/31/2015. The evidence in file is not sufficient to fully evaluate your claim and the evidence needed cannot be obtained. We have determined your condition was not disabling on any date through 12/31/2015, when you were last insured for disability benefits. Now I have 60 days to ask for an appeal. My question to you is if it is showing on my account that SSI is active even after receiving this letter was I approved for SSI and not SSDI and should I appeal and gather my medical records myself and submit them. P.s I received my back pay for SSI on Monday.

    • Dear Charles,

      I can’t explain why you would have gotten a letter saying you were medically disabled for both Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) other than its being a mistake about the SSI. You would not be receiving SSI if you had been denied.

      If you think you can prove that you became disabled December 31, 2015 or earlier, by all means appeal the SSDI denial and gather and submit proof from that earlier period of time. I suggest that you also request a copy of your claim file to review. It will help you to see what is missing from your file that you need to submit to prove earlier disability.


  • Dear Margo,

    Either the representative who told you November 2014 was mistaken or the formal determination is incorrect. Your husband can appeal the established date of disability by filing an SSA-561. Before doing so, I suggest requesting a copy of the claim file to see the exact reasons for the later disability onset date, so that you can address the appeal to the specific errors.


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