Overturning a Disability Denial with a Social Security Disability Appeal

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Get your Social Security or Supplemental Security Income disability denial overturned. Learn when and how to appeal a disability denial. Download appeal forms and find out where to get assistance with your disability appeal.

When Your Claim is Denied
A denied disability claim can be frustrating and sometimes very economically difficult. For those reasons, it’s best to put full effort into your initial claim to try to avoid a denial. If, however, you have already been denied and you believe that you cannot hold down a job on a regular basis, it is time to appeal.

Learn about Social Security’s three levels of appeal within the Social Security system and find out when you can file a lawsuit in federal district court outside the Social Security system. See why a “partially favorable decision” is a partial denial, which can and sometimes should be appealed.

Pick up the information you need for your appeal in these articles:

  • When You Can File a Late Appeal
    Social Security has a strict deadline for filing appeals. If you don’t appeal on time, the denial of your disability claim will become final and you will lose benefits unless you have good cause for appealing late. Find out if you have good cause for filing an appeal after the allowable appeals period has expired.
  • Selecting and Working with an Attorney on an Appeal
    A successful appeal requires providing new information and documentation or presenting existing claim information in a different manner. Here’s where an experienced Social Security can make all the difference for you. Learn how to screen for an attorney to hire and how to work with the attorney to your best advantage.
  • How an Appeals Council Review Differs from Other Appeals
    After you have been denied three times (one original denied claim and two denied appeals), your opportunity to submit new evidence becomes more limited. Learn what needs to be submitted for a successful Appeals Council Review. Also, find out when you can both appeal and file a new claim.
  • Frequently Used Appeal Forms
    Use this handy repository to get the forms you will need to file either a reconsideration or hearing request and to update your medical and work activity (if any) since you filed your initial claim or last appeal.
  • Social Security Denied Your Claim and Your Doctor Says You Can’t Work
    Get an explanation for why your Social Security or SSI disability claim may have been denied when your doctor says that you are disabled. See how a Social Security attorney can help you figure out whether your doctor needs to submit more information or you need to describe your past work more fully when you appeal.
  • Fully and Partially Favorable Decisions
    Learn the difference between a fully favorable decision and a partially favorable decision and what makes a decision only partially favorable. Find out about an important point to take into account when deciding whether to appeal a partially favorable decision.
  • Paying for the Legal Representation You Need
    Find out how it is routine for Social Security attorneys to be paid for their services only if your claim is approved. Get a preview of the type of representation agreement you might be signing and get tips on how to draft the agreement when more than one attorney in a firm will be involved with your claim. Learn how much an attorney can charge to represent you when you are approved for both SSDI and SSI.

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