Tips for Filing Your Social Security Disability Application

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Learn when and how to file a Social Security Disability(SSDI) application. Find out how to maximize your chances for approval and how to get the help you may need to file your claim.

Make Filing a Social Security Disability Claim Easier
Find out when and how to file an application, what kinds of proofs need to be submitted to prove your claim, and what to do after filing the application. Improve chances of approval by knowing what documentation is needed for several common disabling illnesses. Maximize back pay by knowing which date of disability to claim. Check to see whether your claim is eligible for expedited processing.

Learn how an experienced Social Security attorney can help you get benefits. Also, find out how you can get the legal help you need without paying for services up front and without financial risk.

Get a start on a strong disability claim with the information below.

  • When to File a Social Security Disability Application.
    Not quite prepared to complete your application? Avoid losing benefits by protecting your disability application filing date. Learn when you can apply while still working or while getting other benefits like workers comp or sick pay.
  • Increase Your Chances for Approval
    Get tips on actions you can take to improve the chances of having your disability claim approved on initial application or even after a denial.
  • Time Frames for Getting a Decision
    Find out whether your disability qualifies for expedited claim processing and, if not, how long it typically takes to get a decision on your Social Security or SSI disability claim.
  • Help Your Disability Claim While Waiting for a Decision.
    What you do after you file your Social Security Disability (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability claim can affect how fast you get a decision and even whether or not your claim is approved. Check out actions you should take while you wait.
  • Applying for Social Security with Workers Compensation Benefits
    Get three reasons for filing your application for Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits while you are still receiving workers compensation (WC) benefits. Find out about two situations when it is especially advisable to file an SSDI claim after a WC injury.
  • Applying for Social Security with Sick Pay or Long-Term Disability
    Find out why you should apply for Social Security Disability (SSDI) as soon as it appears you may be disabled for twelve months, regardless of other income you have. Also, learn why it is important to report sick pay, vacation and annual pay, and short-term or long-term disability benefits on your SSDI application even though those payments will not change your SSDI benefit amount.
  • How Your Employer Might Help You Get Disability
    Learn how you can increase your chances of having your Social Security or SSI claim approved by getting a statement about problems you have had on the job. Get examples of the kinds of observations your past employer(s)­­­—or your current employer if you are still working part-time—could make a statement about your observable physical and/or mental/emotional problems and how those problems affect(ed) your ability to do your job.
  • When Your Claim Can be Fast-tracked to a Quick Approval
    Over 200 illnesses qualify for fast-track processing as compassionate allowances because of the severity of the conditions and their prognoses. Check an alphabetical list to see if your injury or illness is listed for fast compassionate allowance processing.
  • Applying for Disability While Working
    If you are still working, find out how much you can earn and still be considered disabled while working. Find out about work subsidies and some impairment-related work expenses that may be used to reduce the wages before your earnings are evaluated in relationship to the Social Security and SSI definition of disability for adults.
  • Social Security or SSI Disability for Arthritis
    See how Social Security evaluates disability claims based on arthritis and find out about the type of documentation you need to submit to show either you are disabled based on Social Security’s Listings or you are disabled based on your medical condition combined with your past work history and education.
  • Social Security or SSI Disability for Back Pain
    Find out why it is hard to get approved for benefits based on back pain unless your pain has been determined to come from a specific diagnosis. See some possible diagnostic sources of back pain and consider a list of documentation and statements that may be evaluated to determine the credibility of your pain reporting.
  • Social Security or SSI Disability for Heart Disease
    See which cardiac diagnoses might qualify you for benefits based on the “Blue Book” Listings. Find out one of the most common reasons for claim denial after a serious cardiac event. Also, learn when your physical capacities will have to be assessed to determine the level of strength at which you can work—heavy, medium, light, or sedentary.
  • Social Security or SSI Disability for MS or Parkinson’s
    Find out how a daily journal of the medical and functional symptoms and medication side effects may help you get your disability claim approved based multiple sclerosis (MS) or Parkinson’s Disease. Also, see how following your treatment plan or having a valid reason for not doing may be needed to support your claim of severe illness.
  • Social Security or SSI Disability for a Stroke
    Find out why Social Security may have put the processing of your disability claim on hold when your claim is based on having had a stroke. Get a list of the kinds of documentation that could help move your claim to an approval.
  • Social Security or SSI Disability for Cancer
    Learn how long you must be disabled to be approved and learn how to choose your correct disability onset date when you have been on and off work due to your illness. See how, depending on the kind and stage of cancer you have, your claim may be processed quickly in a compassionate allowance or how you may have to submit full medical and vocational history for a determination to be made.
  • Social Security or SSI Disability for Depression and Anxiety
    Find out about some approaches you can take to file a successful claim for Social Security or SSI disability due to depression and/or anxiety. See the symptoms you must have for your depression or anxiety to qualify you for benefits based on the Listings of Impairments without consideration of your age, education, or work history. Find out how alcohol or drug dependence affect a claim.
  • An Overview of the Application Process

    See a list of documents and information you need to gather for your Social Security Disability Application. Find out about the questions that the Disability Determinations Services will need answered to complete a medication determination on your claim.



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