How Much You Will Receive and What to Expect after Your Social Security Disability Claim Is Approved

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Learn about benefit calculations and the effect of working after approval of your Social Security Disability claim. Find out when you can appeal a representative payee determination and how best to respond to a continuing disability review (CDR).

What to Expect after Approval of Your Social Security Disability Claim

After you have been found disabled, Social Security’s central payment center double-checks that the earnings record on which you are claiming benefits has enough credits to insure you for Social Security benefits. The payment center then calculates benefits, applying any necessary offsets, pays your attorney or other representatives if you have one, and authorizes your payment. It also decides whether benefits can be paid directly to you or whether you need assistance with managing your benefits

Once payment starts, benefits will continue as long as you continue to be disabled. (Disabled adult children and disabled surviving spouses must also continue to meet some relationship requirements.) At intervals, you will be asked to provide proof of continuing disability. If you remain medically disabled but are able to work some, Social Security has return-to-work incentives to help you as you re-enter the workplace.

Check out the following articles for more information about benefit calculation, back pay, continuing disability reviews (CDR’s), and representative payees as well as cost-of-living increases and other important subjects that come up after you have been approved for benefits.

  • How Much Social Security Disability Back Pay You Will Receive
    Learn the difference between retroactive benefits and back pay benefits. Get a formula for figuring the amount of your Social Security Disability (SSDI) back pay and get a tip on what a “month” is when estimating back pay. Learn why it is difficult and sometimes impossible to estimate Supplemental Security Income (SSI) back pay.
  • Waiting for Your Back Pay
    Learn about usual processing times for getting Social Security or SSI back pay. Find out what may be slowing down delivery of your back pay and what you may be able to do about it.
  • Working While Getting Social Security or SSI Disability
    Do you need more income or need to get out of the house? If you want to try working despite your medical condition, learn about Social Security’s work incentives, which let you attempt work without putting you at financial risk. Find out about Social Security’s Trial Work Period, Extended Period of Eligibility, and Expedited Reinstatement and about SSI’s Plan for Achieving Self Support.
  • Get A Ticket to Get Back to Work
    Find out how Social Security will support your efforts to get training, education, and job- placement assistance when you want to return to part-time or full-time work. See how a Ticket to Work can help you transition into work while still receiving disability benefits.
  • When Disability Benefits Increase
    Find out how inflation can increase your benefit with a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) or additional work earnings can raise your benefit. Learn when and how you will be notified of an increase when it occurs.
  • Your Reporting Responsibilities
    Avoid interruption of benefits and reduce or eliminate overpayments by knowing your reporting responsibilities and making timely reports of changes in your situation.
  • What Is a Representative Payee?
    Find out what a representative payee is and does and learn the two situations in which benefits are paid to a third-party representative payee and not directly to the Social Security beneficiary or SSI recipient. Learn about the payee’s responsibilities in benefit use and reporting.
  • When Disability Benefits Are Terminated for Medical Recovery
    Find out about the special appeals form you need to use when appealing a cessation of benefits due to a determination that you are no longer disabled. Learn about the choices you have in how your appeal will be reviewed and find out when you can get payment continuation during the appeal process.
  • How Long Social Security Benefits Continue
    Learn about the circumstances in which you will continue to receive Social Security benefits throughout your lifetime and see what other situations will cause disability benefits to be terminated.
  • Medical Care after Disability Approval
    Get information about the level of medical care needed to fulfill your responsibility to provide proof of continuing disability when your claim comes up for review.
  • When Your Social Security Could Increase
    Learn about the two situations when your Social Security Primary Insurance Amount (PIA) could increase and find out when your benefit might increase even though your PIA has not.
  • An Overview Guide to SSD after Approval
    See your three payment-delivery choices and find out the day of the month you will receive your benefits. Learn how much Social Security income you can have before it becomes taxable and get a general overview of what’s involved in being a Social Security Disability beneficiary.

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