How to Win Benefits at Your Social Security Disability Hearing

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Find out what to expect and what to do at a Social Security Disability hearing and while you are waiting for your hearing date. See the ways in which a Social Security attorney can help you get a hearing approval.

Tips for Attending a Disability Hearing and for Presenting Your Case
For most of us, going into a hearing room is a new and somewhat overwhelming experience. Your comfort level and sense of confidence can be improved by knowing what to expect at the hearing. The exact flow of a hearing varies from judge to judge and to a degree from case to case, but a few things are the same in all hearings.

Getting an overview of the general hearing process and picking up some do’s and don’ts when answering questions can both help reduce stress and increase chances of a good outcome. Having a general idea of realistic time frames for scheduling hearings and for post-hearing processing can also be helpful.

Here’s the scoop on those important issues:

  • Time Frames for Disability Hearings
    Find out how long you have to file a hearing appeal; even look up hearing wait times for your hearing office. Get an idea of how long you are likely to wait in each step of the hearing appeals processing and how long the payment processing may be after you are approved for Social Security Disability (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability benefits. Learn what to expect after a hearing approval.
  •  Disability Hearing Basics
    Find out what makes a hearing different from a reconsideration appeal and learn when you may not have to appear before the judge to get a hearing approval.
  • When You Might Have Two Social Security Disability Hearings
    Learn when a judge may set up a second hearing before making a decision. Also see examples of situations in which the Appeals Council may send a denied hearing decision back to the administrative law judge (ALJ) for further investigation, which, in turn, could lead to an approval.

How to Win Benefits at Your Social Security Disability Hearing
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