How can I tell if I will meet Social Security Disability requirements?

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Find out why your doctor doesn’t always know if you meet Social Security Disability requirements and learn how a talk with an attorney may be helpful.

Why Your Doctor Might Not Know
Sometimes we can’t be sure if we meet Social Security disability requirements. Even your doctor’s assessment of whether or not you qualify may not be accurate. This is because Social Security has its own specific definition of disability, which is fairly complex and even allows for you to do some work. You’ll find more about how they define disability here:
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Unsuccessful Work Attempts
It can also be difficult to determine whether you have been or will be disabled long enough to receive benefits. For example, if you returned to work for six months or less and stopped work again for nine months due to the same disability, your return to work might be treated as an unsuccessful work attempt, so that months off work on either side of the return to work might combined to meet the required twelve-month duration. Additionally, your work hours and earnings might be low enough that you could qualify for benefits while you continue to work part-time. You may find these related articles helpful:
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How a Social Security Disability Law Firm Might Know
Talking with an attorney who is experienced with Social Security Disability claims can be helpful, because he or she will be very familiar with Social Security Disability law. If you accurately describe all your medical conditions and past injuries, your current work activity, and your work history, the attorney will be able to give you an idea of whether you may qualify. And, of course, the way to find out for sure is to file an application with the Social Security Administration and get a formal determination of whether you meet the Social Security Disability eligibility requirements. For information on Social Security Disability reviews, you may find these articles helpful:
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