Social Security Disability/SSI

In easy-to-understand, everyday language we’ll answer all your questions about Social Security Disability (SSD aka SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Our articles and unique question-and-answer forum focus on what matters most to disabled individuals and their families. Our articles, grouped by general category, describe the application process including when and how to file a claim, how to avoid common mistakes and how to get help. We explain how eligibility is determined, how to improve chances of approval, how to overturn a denial, and what to expect at a hearing. We also provide key information on topics that matter after you win approval including calculation of benefits, when and how much you can work, when a representative payee is needed, and whether your family can receive benefits. Several additional articles explain how SSI differs from SSD and how SSI can provide benefits for disabled children and adults who have limited income and assets.

Social Security Disability Benefits for Cancer

By / April 21, 2017 / Apply for SSD / No Comments

We explain how cancer patients may be eligible for social security disability benefits and possibly supplemental security income, what you need to document your illness to qualify, and how your case will be evaluated.... Read more

Social Security Disability Benefits for Arthritis

By / April 19, 2017 / Apply for SSD / 12 Comments

How to get Social Security disability benefits for arthritis. We’ll show you the guidelines, what documents you need, and what will help prove that arthritis impairs your ability to work.... Read more

Social Security Disability Benefits for Heart Disease

By / April 19, 2017 / Apply for SSD / No Comments

We explain how you may be eligible for disability benefits for heart disease, what to do to qualify and prove your inability to work, and how Social Security reviews your medical history and tests your job function ability.... Read more

SSI Disability Benefits for Autistic Children

By / April 17, 2017 / SSI / No Comments

Learn how to show financial need and level of disability to qualify autistic children under age 18 for Supplemental Security Income/SSI disability payments.... Read more

Contributions to Retirement Accounts and Self-Employment While Receiving Social Security Disability

By / April 21, 2017 / After Approval / No Comments

Learn how retirement account contributions and self-employment relate to your claim for Social Security Disability benefits.... Read more

Disability Benefits for Diabetes Patients

By / April 13, 2017 / Apply for SSD / No Comments

This overview explains how diabetes alone rarely qualifies for disability benefits, but you may qualify if you have additional medical conditions that impact your ability to earn sufficient income.... Read more

Can I Get Social Security Disability for Depression and Anxiety?

By / April 2, 2017 / Apply for SSD / 47 Comments

You may be able to get SSDI for severe depression and anxiety, if you can prove your symptoms are truly disabling. We explain the steps you must take to have your case approved if you are qualified.... Read more

Supplemental Security Income—SSI—the Other Disability Benefit

By / March 20, 2017 / SSI / 533 Comments

Learn about SSI disability for disabled children and disabled adults with limited income and assets. Find out where to get help with an SSI claim or appeal.... Read more

How Can Homeowners Getting Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability (SSDI) Increase Their Income?

By / March 20, 2017 / SSI / 2 Comments

Learn how disabled homeowners can increase cash flow without debt and still keep their SSDI and SSI disability benefits.... Read more

How can I be overpaid Supplemental Security Income (SSI) when my work earnings and my spouse’s work earnings never change?

By / March 20, 2017 / SSI / 2 Comments

Learn when and how Social Security counts income in calculating Supplemental Security Income (SSI) monthly benefit payments.... Read more

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