The Claims Process

Learn how Social Security determines whether you are eligible for disability benefits and see when your age and work history may and may not make a difference.

Can mental illness serve as the basis for Social Security Disability payments?

By / The Claims Process / 481 Comments

Learn how to best present and pursue your claim for Social Security disability payments based on mental illness.... Read more

Does Social Security recognize fibromyalgia as a disability?

By / The Claims Process / 19 Comments

Learn why it may be hard to get disability benefits for fibromyalgia and why a Social Security attorney can help you succeed with your claim or appeal.... Read more

Do people with heart problems usually get their Social Security claim approved on their first try?

By / The Claims Process / 5 Comments

Learn about the process Social Security uses to decide whether your heart condition is disabling and whether your Social Security claim will be approved.... Read more

Can I get disability from Social Security if I have low vision, but am not totally blind?

By / The Claims Process / 287 Comments

Learn how blindness, statutory blindness, or low vision can qualify you to get disability from Social Security and about work incentives for the blind.... Read more

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