Know the facts about filing for Social Security Disability or appealing your disability case before you file. All of the forms and what is needed in your case can be found on this website.

Understanding Social Security Disability—An Overview of the Basics

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Get understandable answers to the most frequently asked questions about Social Security Disability and Medicare. Find out where and how to get legal help with your Social Security disability or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claim.... Read more

What is Disability According to Social Security Law?

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Gain an understanding of the definition of disability as defined by the Social Security law and see how working while disabled may be allowed when applying for Social Security or Supplemental Security Income disability benefits.... Read more

Social Security Disability Insurance: A Brief Overview

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This overview of the Social Security Disability program explains who may qualify to receive benefits, how the process works, how much you'll receive and when.... Read more

More Frequently-Asked Questions about Social Security Disability Benefits

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What do all the abbreviations and initials mean? ALJ is an Administrative Law Judge. When you file a hearing appeal, the ALJ decides whether or not you are disabled. CE is a Consultative Examination. You may be asked to take one to confirm the extent of your disability. CSRS is the Civil Service Retirement System, […]... Read more

How can I get disability benefits from my relative’s Social Security work record?

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Learn when Social Security Insurance law allows disabled adult children and disabled widows, widowers, and divorced spouses to get benefits based on their parents’ or deceased (former) spouse’s work record. Get information about the basic requirements that must be met in addition to disability.... Read more

Social Security Disability Requirements: How to Qualify for SSD

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Learn here if you meet Social Security Disability's strict requirements to collect a monthly check. These four questions answer who qualifies and who doesn't.... Read more

How can I tell if I will meet Social Security Disability requirements?

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Find out why your doctor doesn’t always know if you meet Social Security Disability requirements and learn how a talk with an attorney may be helpful.... Read more

Do I have to be permanently disabled to get Social Security Disability benefits?

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Learn how you can get any of the kinds of Social Security disability benefits when your disability is not permanent and see why it can be a good idea to apply for benefits even though you expect to recovery from your disability.... Read more

Do I have to be completely incapacitated to get Social Security Disability?

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Learn how you don’t have to be completely incapacitated to get Social Security disability and how you can to work for pay even while receiving benefits.... Read more

Will my benefits increase because I became disabled while collecting early Social Security Retirement benefits?

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Learn how, depending on your age, you can get a higher Social Security benefit if you become disabled while receiving Social Security Retirement benefits.... Read more

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