What other help can I get after I meet the SSI Disability qualifications and get an SSI approval?

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Find out about federal, state, and local assistance you may qualify for once you have received an SSI approval or even upon filing an SSI application.

Medicaid Health Insurance
In most states, if you receive an SSI approval, you will automatically be eligible for Medicaid health insurance. In other states, you must apply for Medicaid at an agency of the state or county in which you live. If you need to apply to the state for Medicaid, the Social Security Administration will let you know and will tell you where to apply.

If you are eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare, typically the Medicaid program pays your Medicare Part B and D premiums. For more information about Medicare and the difference between Medicare and Medicaid, please see our article If I am approved for Social Security Disability, will I be eligible for Medicare and Medicaid health insurance?

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
Cash assistance to purchase food used to be called food stamps. Today it is called SNAP, short for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Eligibility for SNAP is based on financial need and SSI benefits count in determining eligibility for SNAP.

In most states, if you are applying for or are receiving SSI, you can to get a SNAP application and some SNAP information at your local Social Security office. In some states, if you are applying for SSI and live alone, your SSI application is also an application for SNAP. Except in California, if all members of your household receive SSI, the Social Security Administration may help you complete a SNAP application or recertification. If you need to apply for SNAP in a state office, your Social Security office will provide its location and phone number.

Other Help With Health Insurance
If you have children and your family has low income, you may be able to get Medicaid for your children without SSI eligibility. The website www.insurekids.gov and the Children’s Health Program at 1-877-543-7669 have more information about health insurance for children.

If your income is low, but you do not qualify for SSI, you may get help paying your Medicare premiums with one of the following programs: Qualified Medicare Beneficiary, Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary, Qualified Individual, or Qualified Disabled Working Individual. To apply for any of these programs contact your state or local social service agency or medical assistance office. More information about these programs is available by calling the Medicare toll-free number 1-800-633-4227 or 1-877-486-2048 for the deaf or hard of hearing.

State or Local Cash Assistance
Some states pay assistance based on disability or age while an SSI application is pending. Upon SSI approval, the state requires repayment. Accordingly, the Social Security Administration will reimburse the state from your SSI back pay when you receive an SSI approval.

What other help can I get after I meet the SSI Disability qualifications and get an SSI approval?
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  • Cathy Thomas

    My husband and i are seperating and im going to live with my son how will my sons income affect my ssi

    • Kay Derochie

      Dear Cathy,

      Your son’s income will not affect your Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. Living with him will not affect you if you pay either fair market value for rent and/or food or pay your share of expenses.

      Fair market value for food would reasonably be the maximum food stamp grant for one person, which is $194.00.
      FMV for room is the amount such rooms are renting for in your geographic area. Social Security law does not specify an amount required to be paying fair market value for room because the economy is different in every location. You can figure out a fair market rental rate by looking at ads for room rentals in your area or by choosing state and county on the federal HUD website at https://www.huduser.gov/portal/datasets/fmr/fmr_il_history/select_Geography.odn. It will not list rooms, but it will list studio or efficiency (one-room) apartments. A room in a house would probably be about half of that amount. Your share is the total expenses divided by the number of people in the household. Shelter expenses are shelter utilities (power, heat, water/sewer, and garbage) and rent or mortgage, property tax and, if required by the lender, property insurance.


  • Meka

    Hi. My 11list year old son was diagnosed with Adha and a letter learning disability in 2012the and recently i received a letter fro.from the ssi office in my state..Iowa that it was time for a review …Y is he being reviewed. Now i thought he had to be 18or. For hir first review

    • Kay Derochie

      Dear Meka,

      Virtually all disability claims are set with a periodic medical review date to see if the person is still disabled. How often these reviews occur depends on the individual’s prognosis for improvement.


  • Rebecca

    I have been getting SSI for eight years. When I first started it I received Medicaid and Medicare. My Medicaid because I couldn’t afford to pay for it. Now my teeth are in dire need of dental held. Where do I go? Unfortunately I have bad credit so can’t find a medical lender to accept me! Please help me!

    • Kay Derochie

      Dear Rebecca,

      Depending on where you live, there may be a dental school near you that has low fees or a private clinic that does some pro bono work. Your state’s dental licensing board might have information about such programs.


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