When and how do I select an attorney to help with my Social Security or SSI Disability claim?

By / February 18, 2018 / Appealing If Your Application for Disability Is Denied / 66 Comments

When Your Social Security or SSI Claim is Denied, It Is Time for a Disability Attorney! If your Social Security Disability (SSDI aka SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claim has been denied and you honestly believe your physical and/or mental health will not allow you to hold down a job in which you can earn at least $1,220 gross wages or net self-employment profit (2019 threshold) or $2,040 if you are blind after your earnings are reduced by any impairment-related work expenses (IRWE’s) you may have, it is time to appeal the denial. And it is time for a...Read more

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