Social Security Disability Requirements: How to Qualify for SSD

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Whether you're applying for SSD benefits for yourself or others, it's extremely important to fill out the application form completely, correctly, without omissions, and with the required paperwork enclosed along with it. Having your initial application denied can make you so discouraged that you'll give up on SSD and miss out on the benefits you deserve. This section and the next may help you to avoid an immediate denial or needless delays. The application process is complex and can take much time and effort. But several million Americans go through it each year and, if successful, are very glad they...Read more

How can I tell if I will meet Social Security Disability requirements?

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Why Your Doctor Might Not Know Sometimes we can’t be sure if we meet Social Security disability requirements. Even your doctor’s assessment of whether or not you qualify may not be accurate. This is because Social Security has its own specific definition of disability, which is fairly complex and even allows for you to do some work. You’ll find more about how they define disability here: Social Security Disability Requirements: How to Qualify for SSD How does the Social Security Administration apply Social Security Disability Laws to determine if I am disabled? Unsuccessful Work Attempts It can also be difficult to...Read more

What are the Social Security Disability requirements for non-citizens to receive a check?

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Social Security Disability Requirements for Non-citizens You may be able to get a Social Security Disability check each month even if you are not a U.S. citizen or a U.S. national. If you are an alien, to get Social Security Disability benefits, you must meet the same disability and work-credit rules as a citizen. Please refer to our articles What Is Disability According to Social Security Laws? and How many Social Security-covered work credits do I need to get Social Security Disability Insurance benefits? Other Rules for Disabled Aliens Additionally, you have to meet two other eligibility requirements. First, if you were...Read more

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