Veterans Disability

Disability Advisor explains how veterans can get the maximum compensation benefits they're entitled to for disabilities stemming from active military service. We answer your questions about what military service qualifies and which medical conditions are eligible for compensation providing a list of some claims commonly approved for male and female veterans. We'll show you how to gather the right evidence, track down your service records, and get proper medical evaluations. To deal with the Veteran’s Administration’s (VA's) backlog, we provide tips on avoiding unnecessary delays. The VA has a 30% to 50% error rate, so your claim may be wrongly denied. Our articles lay out the steps in the appeal process and explain how to refute common errors to secure an accurate disability rating. Disability Advisor also covers VA housing assistance and dependent benefits.

VA Pension & VA disability benefits

By / Veterans Disability / 3 Comments

This overview of VA pension and VA disability benefits explains whether you can qualify for both programs, depending on your pension income cap.... Read more

Understanding Veterans Disability Benefits

By / Veterans Disability / 210 Comments

This overview of the veterans’ disability benefits program explains the type of military service that qualifies, which medical conditions are eligible, and how benefits are calculated. ... Read more

Veterans Disability Benefits: How to Apply and Submit Your Claim

By / Veterans Disability / No Comments

Winning approval for military service-connected injuries and illnesses can be a challenging process. We'll show you how to optimize your VA disability claim.... Read more

Five Common Mistakes in VA disability claims

By / Veterans Disability / 30 Comments

Make sure you don’t short-change yourself when filing VA disability claims. Learn how to avoid common mistakes that keep you from getting all the benefits you are entitled to.... Read more

How You Can Qualify For VA Benefits

By / Veterans Disability / No Comments

Learn more about how to apply for the many types of VA disability benefits available to veterans and their dependants for service-related illnesses and injury.... Read more

Veterans Disability Benefits – How do I apply?

By / Veterans Disability / 16 Comments

This overview of the Veterans Disability Benefits process will show you the steps to filing a disability claim, what evidence is required, and how to find free assistance to avoid delays.... Read more

How is veterans disability compensation calculated?

By / Veterans Disability / 5 Comments

Learn how veterans disability compensation is based on your level of disability, when additional payments are available for dependents, and tips to receive the proper rating for your disability.... Read more

Waiting for Veteran Disability Benefits – How long does it take?

By / Veterans Disability / 244 Comments

Learn what you can do to get a faster decision on your Veteran Disability Benefits claim, how to avoid delays in getting medical records, and how the Fully Developed Claim program can speed the process.... Read more

What is a Veterans Disability Benefits Fully Developed Claim?

By / Veterans Disability / 72 Comments

This overview of the Fully Developed Claim process explains how it can speed review of your VA disability benefits claim and the pros and cons compared to a regular claim.... Read more

Disabled American Veterans Are Entitled to Compensation

By / Veterans Disability / 98 Comments

Find out if you qualify for veterans disability benefits for your physical or mental condition caused by military service, and learn four reasons why you should apply right away. ... Read more

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