Veterans Disability

Disability Advisor explains how veterans can get the maximum compensation benefits they're entitled to for disabilities stemming from active military service. We answer your questions about what military service qualifies and which medical conditions are eligible for compensation providing a list of some claims commonly approved for male and female veterans. We'll show you how to gather the right evidence, track down your service records, and get proper medical evaluations. To deal with the Veteran’s Administration’s (VA's) backlog, we provide tips on avoiding unnecessary delays. The VA has a 30% to 50% error rate, so your claim may be wrongly denied. Our articles lay out the steps in the appeal process and explain how to refute common errors to secure an accurate disability rating. Disability Advisor also covers VA housing assistance and dependent benefits.

Do VA Disability Benefits apply only if I’m permanently disabled?

By / Veterans Disability / 20 Comments

Find out if you’re eligible for VA disability benefits. Learn how disability is measured, and the common service-connected disabilities approved for benefits.... Read more

I am rated 40% by the VA for one disability and 10% for another; why isn’t my overall rating 50%?

By / Veterans Disability / 3 Comments

Find out how the Veterans Administration determines your percentage of disability for VA compensation when you have more than one disability.... Read more

Filing a VA Compensation Claim for Aggravation of a Medical Condition

By / Veterans Disability / 6 Comments

Learn the difference between a service-connected aggravation and a natural progression of a non-service-connected medical condition.... Read more

Watch Out for VA Pension Benefit Scams

By / Veterans Disability / No Comments

Learn how to spot common pension benefit scams and protect your pension from shady professionals who claim they are “helping” you.... Read more

Veterans disability benefits include mental conditions

By / Veterans Disability / 9 Comments

Veterans disability benefits for PTSD are the third most common approved benefit type. Learn what evidence can show PTSD or depression are service-connected, and how to document its impact on your life.... Read more

Increase in VA Disability Claims for PTSD

By / Veterans Disability / 108 Comments

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a common result from combat. Learn how to make a VA disability claim for PTSD, and why you shouldn’t delay getting treatment.... Read more

An Increase In Severity Of A Non-Military Service-Connected Disability

By / Veterans Disability / No Comments

If your prior non-military service-connected disability was aggravated during service, learn how to document the increase in severity and where to get help in proving your claim.... Read more

Homeless Veterans Housing Assistance Vouchers

By / Veterans Disability / No Comments

Find out about federal housing dollars for disabled veterans facing homelessness, learn who is eligible for this HUD-VASH program, and how to apply.... Read more

Housing Grants for Disabled Veterans

By / Veterans Disability / No Comments

This overview of VA adapted housing grants explains how certain disabled veterans can receive funds to adapt and remodel their homes to live independently.... Read more

When VA disability claims are denied, should I just reopen the claim?

By / Veterans Disability / 349 Comments

Learn what your options are when VA disability claims are denied. Find out when you should file an appeal and when re-opening a claim can be a better strategy.... Read more

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