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What is disability according to Social Security Disability law?

Do I have to be permanently disabled to get Social Security disability benefits?

I am disabled from a car accident, but I expect to return to work. Should I file for Social Security Disability benefits?

How can I tell if I will meet Social Security Disability requirements?

Can I get workers compensation and also get Social Security Disability?

How much Social Security-covered work do I need to get Social Security Disability Insurance benefits?

Although I have worked in the past, I was not employed when I became disabled. Can I get Social Security Disability benefits?

If I have never worked outside my home or have worked very little, can I get Social Security Disability benefits?

I am a disabled widow. I have not worked outside my home in many years. Can I get Social Security for disability?

If I am approved for Social Security Disability, will I get Medicare and Medicaid health insurance?

I am 60% disabled. Will I get a partial Social Security Disability benefit if I am approved for Social Security?

Do I really have to hire a lawyer for my Social Security disability claim?

Must I stop working before I can apply for Social Security Disability (SSD)?

Do I have to be completely incapacitated to get Social Security Disability?

Can I get disability benefits from Social Security if my family or I have income and assets?

Will my benefits increase because I became disabled while collecting early Social Security Retirement benefits?

If I can’t do physical work and can’t find a non-physical job, will my Social Security Disability application be approved?

Can I get Social Security Disability check if I am not a citizen?

Can I get Social Security income if I have been convicted of a felony?

Can my spouse and children get benefits if I am approved for Social Security disability?


When should I file my Social Security Disability application?

How do I file an application for Social Security Disability benefits?

If I am getting workers comp, do I have to wait until it ends before applying for disability benefits from Social Security?

Can I apply for Social Security Disability while I am still getting sick leave or long term disability from my employer?

What can I do to improve my chances for a Social Security Disability Approval?

After I file a disability claim, how long does it take the Social Security office to make a determination?

How do Social Security Disability attorneys get paid for representing you in your disability claim?

I haven’t seen a doctor much for my bipolar disorder because I don’t have insurance. How will this affect my Social Security Disability claim?

Would it help my disability claim to get a statement from my employer about my problems at work?

I submitted my Social Security application for disability benefits. What is next?

How can a Social Security disability lawyer help me get Social Security benefits?

My doctor doesn’t support my getting Social Security for disability. What should I do?


How does the Social Security Administration apply Social Security Disability Laws to determine if I am disabled?

What does my age have to do with getting disability benefits from Social Security?

Can mental illness serve as the basis for Social Security disability payments?

Can alcoholics and drug addicts get a Social Security benefit for disability?

Why are my education and work experience factors in deciding whether my application for disability will be approved?

Does Social Security recognize fibromyalgia as a disability?

Do people with heart problems usually get their Social Security claim approved on their first try?

Who decides if I am disabled? If both my doctor and the Social Security disability doctors say I am unable to work, will I be approved?

Is there a Social Security Disability list of impairments, that is, a list of illnesses and injuries, that Social Security considers disabling?

When applying for disability benefits will I have to see a Social Security doctor?

Can I get disability from Social Security if I have low vision, but am not totally blind?

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