Will the Social Security Administration contact me after my disability benefits start?

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See when the Social Security Administration may contact you and learn about precautions you can take against identity theft.

Notification of Benefit Changes
The Social Security Administration will contact you by mail to notify you of increases in your benefit amount caused by a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) or the crediting of additional earnings. For more information about COLAs and recalculations, see our articles Will I Get Cost-of-living Increases in My Social Security Disability Check? and I Can’t Live on the Social Security Disability Benefit I Am Receiving. Is There a Way I Can Get More Money from Social Security?

Continuing Disability Reviews (CDR’s)

The Social Security Administration (SSA)will also send you a letter and may call you when they need to verify that you are still disabled and eligible for disability benefits. For information about Continuing Disability Reviews, please see our article, Will My Social Security Disability Claim Be Reviewed Again after I Am Approved for Benefits?

SSI Redeterminations

When you receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI), SSA will typically contact you annually to conduct a redetermination of your financial eligibility for SSI benefits.

Other SSA-initiated Contact

Representative payees are contacted annually to account for the use of benefits that they are receiving on another person’s behalf. If you work, you may be contacted to provide more information about your work activity especially if you did not report the work.

On rare occasion, a representative of Social Security might visit you at your home, but it is a good idea to be alert to possible scams. If someone claiming to be a Social Security representative shows up at your door and displays a Social Security Administration identification badge (anything is easy to counterfeit these days), it’s a good idea to verify that the person is really from the SSA before letting them into your home or providing any information. Similarly, If someone phones you and asks for your Social Security number, do not reveal it. SSA employees will not ask for your Social Security number. For security, call or visit your local Social Security office and ask if someone was actually sent to see you or called you. (If you are doing business with an organization that already has your Social Security number such as a bank and you are asked to verify the number, verify only the last four digits and not even that if you feel uncomfortable.)


Will the Social Security Administration contact me after my disability benefits start?
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