Will the Social Security Administration contact me after my disability benefits start?

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See when the Social Security Administration may contact you and learn about precautions you can take against identity theft.

Notification of Benefit Changes
The Social Security Administration will contact you by mail to notify you of increases in your benefit amount caused by a cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) or the crediting of additional earnings. For more information about COLAs and recalculations, see our articles Will I Get Cost-of-living Increases in My Social Security Disability Check? and I Can’t Live on the Social Security Disability Benefit I Am Receiving. Is There a Way I Can Get More Money from Social Security?

The Social Security Administration will also send you a letter and may call you when they need to verify that you are still disabled and eligible for disability benefits. For information about Continuing Disability Reviews, please see our article, Will My Social Security Disability Claim Be Reviewed Again after I Am Approved for Benefits?

On rare occasion, a representative of Social Security might visit you at your home, but it is a good idea to be alert to possible scams. If someone claiming to be a Social Security representative shows up at your door and displays a Social Security Administration identification badge (which is easy to counterfeit these days), it’s a good idea to verify that the person is really from the SSA. Similarly, If someone phones you and asks for your Social Security number, don’t reveal your entire SSN.  Only verify the last four digits, and not even that if you feel uncomfortable, because the caller may not really be with the Social Security Administration. For security, call or visit your local Social Security office and ask if someone was actually sent to see you or called you.

Will the Social Security Administration contact me after my disability benefits start?
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  • Sarah

    Hi Kay,
    My name is Sarah Trotman. I am currently getting $724 a month from SSI but that isn’t enough. I live with my mom and we have custody of my niece. I do get $180 in foodstamps which only lasts a week or 2 at most. I pay rent and help pay all bills including insurance, car payments and gas for a car my mother got last year. Is there anyway I could get more money or something? My niece is now 12 and she is costing a lot. What we get a month together isn’t cutting it. Some bills are always paid late. Any info would be helpful. Thank you.

    • Kay Derochie

      Dear Sarah,

      The amount of income that you say that you have makes me wonder if you are receiving SSDI (Social Security Disability) or Social Security retirement and not SSI (Supplemental Security Income). If so you can try to apply for SSI based on disability or being over age sixty-five. If you are paying your share of rent and shelter utilities, you could receive $29 in SSI and a probably Medicaid insurance. If you get Medicaid, usually it will pay your Part B Medicare premium and cover prescriptions. Share is the total shelter costs divided by the number of people in the household. Shelter expenses are shelter utilities (power, heat, water/sewer, and garbage) and rent or mortgage, property tax and, if required by the lender, property insurance. To reduce other costs, I suggest your mother contact a half dozen different car insurance companies and shop around for insurance. Purchase unprocessed fresh foods and cook from scratch so that your food stamps will last out the month. If you are not getting public assistance and food stamps for your niece, you might try to do that.


  • Sandra Tougas

    I’m writing on behalf of my husband. Michael was on Disability for over 11 years and March 2014, his benefits were stopped. 3 weeks ago Michael had a Redetermination Hearing and received a letter dated April 1st stating his disability had NOT ended and his benefits would continue.

    For over a year he has not received any monies and even had an Overpayment according to Social Security for which they took my tax return. My questions are how long of a wait until he gets his benefits and back money and will they also give back my tax money?

    Thank you, Sandi

    • Kay Derochie

      Dear Sandra,

      I would expect that your husband’s benefits will start again within one to two months after he gets the hearing approval letter. The back pay may take another month or more. I am unsure how the tax refund withholding will be handled. My guess is that Social Security has to give the money back to the IRS for the IRS to refund it to you and your husband. I suggest that you ask both Social Security and the IRS how this works and how long it will take (likely many months).


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