Social Security Disability

In easy-to-understand, everyday language we'll answer all your questions about Social Security Disability (SSD aka SSDI) benefits.  Our SSDI articles and unique question-and-answer forum focus on what matters most to disabled individuals and their families. Our articles, grouped by general category, describe the application process including when and how to file a claim, how to avoid common mistakes, and how to get legal help when you need it. We explain how medical and non-medical eligibility is determined, how to improve chances of approval, how to overturn a denial, and what to expect at a hearing. We also provide downloadable SSDI forms that are commonly used for applications, appeals, and post-entitlement issues as well as key information on topics that matter after you win approval. Post-entitlement topics include how benefits are paid, when and how much you can work, when a representative payee is needed, and whether your family can receive benefits.

Understanding Social Security Disability—An Overview of the Basics

By / Facts / 484 Comments

Get understandable answers to the most frequently asked questions about Social Security Disability and Medicare. Find out where and how to get legal help with your Social Security disability or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claim.... Read more

When and how do I select an attorney to help with my Social Security or SSI Disability claim?

By / Appealing If Your Application for Disability Is Denied / 66 Comments

Get helpful tips on when to hire a Social Security attorney, what to consider when picking an attorney, and how to work successfully with the lawyer you hire.... Read more

How Social Security Decides Whether You Are Disabled

By / The Claims Process / 291 Comments

Learn how Social Security determines whether you are eligible for disability benefits and see when your age and work history may and may not make a difference in the evaluation of your claim. Learn how mental illness, fibromyalgia, and low vision claims are decided.... Read more

Social Security Disability Application Forms

By / Commonly Used Forms / 4 Comments

Quickly access the forms to file a Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income claim for a disabled adult. Preview them even if you file online.... Read more

Social Security Disability Appeals Forms

By / Commonly Used Forms / 1 Comment

When your Social Security or SSI claim has been denied, access here the necessary forms for filing reconsideration, hearing, and Appeals Council appeals.... Read more

SSDI Work After Disability Approval Forms

By / Commonly Used Forms / No Comments

Quickly access work activity report forms for easy reporting of work after disability begins and for documenting special work accommodations or subsidized work.... Read more

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Disability Forms

By / Commonly Used Forms / No Comments

Be prepared! Access and review the forms needed to file a Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability claim for a disabled adult or disabled child.... Read more

SSA Retirement, Dependent & Survivors Forms

By / Commonly Used Forms / 4 Comments

Quickly access the forms to file an application for Social Security Disabled Widow(er)s, Disabled Surviving Divorced Spouses and Childhood Disability benefits.... Read more

Representative Payee, Earnings Record, Direct Deposit & Overpayment Forms

By / Commonly Used Forms / 5 Comments

Quickly access forms to establish or remove a representative payee, to contest the fact or collection of an overpayment, and to set up or change direct deposit.... Read more

Tips for Filing Your Social Security Disability Application

By / Social Security Disability Benefits / 36 Comments

Learn when and how to file a Social Security Disability(SSDI) application. Find out how to maximize your chances for approval and how to get the help you may need to file your claim.... Read more

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