Social Security Disability Benefits for Cancer

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There are two Social Security benefit programs for cancer sufferers: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI). The first is for disability benefits and the second is if your household income is below Social Security’s threshold for low household income. The general rule for disability is that you are completely unable to work for a full year and are not able to perform at a different job even with reduced physical requirements because of the limitations of your disease. If you can meet the requirements, you may apply for one or both programs. With over 200 types... Read more

I am rated 40% by the VA for one disability and 10% for another; why isn’t my overall rating 50%?

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If a VA compensation claim results in a benefit approval, the VA will assign a disability rating. A VA benefit award can result in a combination of several disabilities, which are rated at different percentages. For example, a veteran can have one rating of 40% for a back injury, a rating of 10% for tinnitus, and a rating of 20% for a knee injury. The combined rating is not the sum of the individual ratings.  In this example, the combined rating is not 70% (i.e., the total of each individual rating, 40% + 10% + 20%). Rather the combined rating... Read more

What is Workers’ Compensation?

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Workers’ compensation (familiarly referred to as “workers’ comp”) protects workers and their families from work-related expenses from injuries and diseases occurring within the workplace. This protection is very valuable in the case of a long-term or lifetime disability, and even applies if the employee is at fault or dies as a result of employment. In other words, it is a no-fault system.  Also, a death benefit could be available to the family if the employee dies while working. In exchange for receiving payments under this program which pays your expenses as you incur them, you are giving up your right... Read more

Scams Against Disabled People Affect More Than Finances

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Around the holidays each year, the activity of professional scammers ramps up ranging from emotional pleas to donate to needy causes to great-sounding offers to double your money to help pay for seasonal expenses. However once the new year begins the fraudulent activity continues with additional people falling victim to swindles. While being scammed is distressing to everyone, it can be especially financially, physically, and emotionally devastating to persons with disabilities. With nearly 50 million people currently identified as disabled, a large percentage of American families are affected by crimes committed in the area of fraud against the disabled. The... Read more

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