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About Us

The Disability Advisor was established by Disability Benefit Services to help disabled individuals navigate the Social Security Disability claims process and get the disability benefits they are entitled to. Each year, Disability Benefit Services connects tens of thousands of Social Security and SSI claimants with professional legal counsel to file successful disability claims and appeals.

Whether you are seeking information for yourself or for others and whether you want to file an initial claim or fight back against a denial of rightful benefits, the Disability Advisor is here to help!

The SSD process is complex and time-consuming. It can also be confusing, frustrating, and even overwhelming. More than 60% of all initial disability claims are denied. The reason for a good portion of the denials is that most people who apply for Social Security Disability know little or nothing about the criteria for approval or the claim evaluation process. They do the best they can to complete their applications—but often it is not good enough to get them benefits.

Here’s where the Disability Advisor comes in. Our website articles and videos provide answers to eight-three of the most frequently asked questions about Social Security and SSI disability.

In addition to getting valuable information from our website, when you choose one of our highly-experienced Social Security Disability attorneys to represent you, your application or appeal will be completed in a manner that tells your whole story and that clearly relates your health problems and limitations to the requirements of Social Security law. Your attorney will also identify and gather the evidence needed to support your claim. The result: if you are disabled as the Social Security Administration defines, you will be approved and you will receive the disability benefits due you.

All this with no up-front cost. Our attorneys are paid on a contingency basis—that is you pay for their professional services only if your claim is approved. Then their legal fee—as set by the Social Security Administration—will be paid from your back pay. So, there is out-of-pocket cost to you other than reimbursement for minor expenses such as physician charges for medical records.

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