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Welcome to DisabilityAdvisor.com!
Navigating the disability benefits maze can be difficult, stressful and risky. And trying to find the information and answers you need can be overwhelming, time consuming and frustrating. That’s where DisabilityAdvisor.com makes a BIG difference!

Our mission is to provide visitors like you with clear, accessible and unbiased information on a variety of key topics, including:

As you explore our site, you’ll find an exclusive selection of helpful articles, videos, ebooks, checklists and more – none of which are available on any other site. Everything is created by our team of experts who hail from various professional fields, including law, financial management, social work, and so on.

Ask the Disability Advisor
Do you have a pertinent question related to: SSD, SSI, Worker’s Compensation, Veterans benefits, housing, money management, employment, parenting, nutrition, education, resources, or any other life situation or circumstance? If so, then we invite you to take advantage of Ask the Disability Advisor!

Ask the Disability Advisor is a FREE service, where you can have your important question answered by knowledgeable and caring experts.  Learn more and submit your question now: click here.

We are NOT a “Sales” Site
We are aware that some sites that offer disability-related information attempt to sell various products and services, and try to connect visitors with lawyers or other professionals. DisabilityAdvisor.com is NOT a sales site, and we are not affiliated with any third-party business or law firm. Our operating revenue is generated by on-site advertising, which is displayed in a non-invasive manner so that your experience here is positive. DisabilityAdvisor.com is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau.

Connect With Us
We are always interested in hearing from members of the DisabilityAdvisor.com community! We invite you to share your questions (keep in mind that if your inquiry is benefit or lifestyle related, then you’ll want to ask through our Ask the Disability Advisor platform).  We also encourage you to send your suggestions, feedback and comments to help us make changes that make your experience even better.

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