Social Security Disability

In easy-to-understand, everyday language we'll answer all your questions about Social Security Disability (SSD aka SSDI) benefits.  Our SSDI articles and unique question-and-answer forum focus on what matters most to disabled individuals and their families. Our articles, grouped by general category, describe the application process including when and how to file a claim, how to avoid common mistakes, and how to get legal help when you need it. We explain how medical and non-medical eligibility is determined, how to improve chances of approval, how to overturn a denial, and what to expect at a hearing. We also provide downloadable SSDI forms that are commonly used for applications, appeals, and post-entitlement issues as well as key information on topics that matter after you win approval. Post-entitlement topics include how benefits are paid, when and how much you can work, when a representative payee is needed, and whether your family can receive benefits.

The Process of Applying for Social Security Disability

By / Social Security Disability Benefits / 6 Comments

We'll show your how to apply for Social Security Disability benefits so you'll have the best chance of winning approval the very first time you file your claim.... Read more

When should I file my Social Security Disability application?

By / Social Security Disability Benefits / 43 Comments

Find out the best time to file a Social Security Disability application and how to protect your filing date to avoid losing back pay benefits.... Read more

How do I file an application for Social Security Disability benefits?

By / Social Security Disability Benefits / 18 Comments

Learn how to file an application for Social Security disability in person, online, or by phone for a worker, a widow, or a disabled adult child.... Read more

How Much You Will Receive and What to Expect after Your Social Security Disability Claim Is Approved

By / After You’re Social Security Disability Benefits are Approved / 1,230 Comments

Learn about benefit calculations and the effect of working after approval of your Social Security Disability claim. Find out when you can appeal a representative payee determination and how best to respond to a continuing disability review (CDR).... Read more

If I am getting workers comp, do I have to wait until it ends before applying for disability benefits from Social Security?

By / Social Security Disability Benefits / 74 Comments

Learn the benefits of applying for disability from Social Security early in the life of your workers compensation claim.... Read more

Can I apply for Social Security Disability while I am still getting sick leave or long term disability from my employer?

By / Social Security Disability Benefits / 583 Comments

Learn about the timing and benefits of filing a Social Security claim while still receiving sick pay or long-term disability from your employer’s plans. ... Read more

What is Workers’ Compensation?

By / Facts / 1 Comment

Learn more about workers' compensation, a form of insurance that provides for financial compensation and medical benefits for employees if injured at work.... Read more

What Does Workers’ Compensation Cover?

By / Facts / No Comments

Disability designations affecting your payout include long or short term, full, partial or permanent disability. Learn what injuries Workers’ Compensation covers.... Read more

Workers’ Compensation Benefits: Claims for Work Related Injuries

By / Facts / No Comments

Find out how Workers Compensation Benefits can replace your lost wages and healthcare benefits if you’ve suffered a work-related accident or illness.... Read more

Workers’ Compensation Claims Process: How to File Your Claim

By / Facts / 1 Comment

A detailed outline of the worker's compensation claims process and how you can file today to begin receiving benefits for your work related injury.... Read more

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